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All Saints Anglican School

All Saints Anglican School, established in 1987, is a first-class co-educational school located in Queensland. The school curriculum includes kindergarten to grade 12, which is divided into four parts: primary school (pre-school to grade 6), middle school (grade 7-9), high school (grade 10-12), and international student center. There are 1850 students in the whole school, and international students account for 12%.


All Saints Anglican School is located on the Gold Coast, a tourist destination in Australia. It only takes ten minutes to drive to the world's famous beaches. The school covers an area of 40 hectares and has advanced modern facilities such as indoor heated swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis court, basketball court, lecture hall, two libraries, chapel and art performance center. The school offers well-equipped facilities for all fields of study as well as specialized teaching facilities in technology, arts and crafts, performing arts, Christian life and health, and physical education. The eLearning Center ensures that every student at the school is an independent computer user, well-prepared for the technological challenges of the future.


The school is open to applications from all students, regardless of race or religion, the school is committed to: educating all people, pursuing excellence in educational quality, and nurturing the development of ideas through a broad curriculum. The school's curriculum is balanced, and in addition to the academic curriculum, students' initiative, charisma and personality are enhanced through a wealth of extra-curricular activities.


The school attaches great importance to learning outcomes. On average, 98% of the school's graduates successfully enter Australian and overseas universities. It is one of the top schools in Queensland. The school has its own international center, International Centre, which offers English courses, providing preparatory courses for those international students who need to strengthen their English studies before entering the main courses of the college, so that they can successfully complete the transition to middle school or university. The International Centre was completed in 1999, and the facilities are very complete. The opening ceremony was presided over by Australian Prime Minister Howard. The director of the center and the principal of the school regularly go overseas to meet with the parents of the students in person every year, so that the parents can better understand the life and learning of their children in the school.

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