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St Hilda's School

Now more and more Chinese parents tend to send their children to single-sex schools, especially girls' parents are more inclined to send their children to girls' schools. Girls mature early, and girls' schools allow them to concentrate and focus on their studies. Today, St Hilda's School, Australia, recommended by Ozsky International, is a well-known local private girls' school from kindergarten to grade 12 of secondary school that can be boarding.


St Hilda's School was founded in 1912 and is located on the Gold Coast, a tourist destination in Australia. With a long history and beautiful scenery, the school is one of the most prestigious private girls' schools in Australia today. Through continuous growth and development, the school has 1200 students, of which more than 100 students come from all over the world. The school adopts small class teaching, with 24 students in each class. There are 8 teaching staff assigned to each class. This 1:3 teacher-student ratio allows children to get more attention and improve their learning progress.


The school has been focusing on women's education for more than 100 years, focusing on cultivating students' critical thinking, independence and ability to solve practical problems, and is committed to cultivating British ladies in the new era. The educational goal of the school is to empower students to face the challenges of life and create their own brilliance. The diligence of the students and the dedication of the teachers are directly reflected in the excellent academic performance of the students. The most proud of the school is that almost every girl here who wants to go on to higher education can get it, and the rate of graduates going to college is as high as 95%.


When the school admits students, it is necessary to comprehensively understand the students' language ability, mathematical reasoning ability, comprehensive ability, hobbies and academic performance. In addition to pursuing excellence in students' academic level, it also focuses on the education of traditional values: honesty, diligence, and respect for others. The school strives to leave beautiful memories of campus life for students, ensuring that every child feels happy and recognized here.


The school provides advanced teaching facilities:

1. All campuses and classrooms are covered by wireless networks. The school introduces ipad teaching to facilitate students to download the latest teaching books anytime, anywhere.

2. A scientific experimental teaching center with an investment of 6 million Australian dollars and a language center with an investment of 4 million Australian dollars.

3. A large cooking classroom, 3 special classrooms for clothing and design courses, a multimedia center, a large school library, 5 advanced science laboratories, a special performing arts center for performing classes, and a special music classroom and playing practice room.

4. A 50-meter heated indoor swimming pool, a 25-meter outdoor swimming pool, and a large stadium where students can practice tennis, basketball, football, hockey, and more.


1. The school has a long history and is a well-known and prestigious girls' high school in the local area.

2. The school is located in the tourist resort of Gold Coast, with beautiful scenery and pleasant scenery, and convenient transportation, which is convenient for students to communicate with the outside world.

3. The school has advanced facilities, all of which are taught by ipad, and students can download the latest teaching reference books at any time.

4. Graduates of the school are excellent in learning, and the university admission rate is as high as 95%.

5. The school pays attention to cultivating students' independent character and ability of all-round development, and is committed to cultivating British ladies in the new era. At the same time, it pays attention to students' physical health and encourages students to participate in various sports activities.

6. The management team of professional students' accommodation and living, the dormitory person is on duty 24 hours a day, and regularly leads the students to go out for excursions and purchases.

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