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Flinders University Nursing


Flinders University has developed a remarkable record of achievement across an impressive range of endeavour.
Through the diverse efforts of an eclectic cohort of teachers, researchers and graduates, Flinders has exerted a profound and distinctive influence on society and in its various communities.

Just as our namesake Matthew Flinders famously remarked he was not content to rest unnoticed in the middle order, Flinders as an institution has never been content with the status quo; we have always looked for ways to make the world a better place by making a positive difference.

We look forward to your involvement and support as we continue in our pursuit of this ideal.

Study Nursing in Australia
Ranked top 100 in the world for Nursing
(2019 Academic Rankings for World Universities)


World ranking 51-100

According to QS 2020 World University Rankings-Nursing, Flinders University is ranked 51-100 in the world for nursing.

Why study a Nursing degree at Flinders University?

Flinders University’s nursing graduates go beyond and change lives, enabling better health and caring in the world. Flinders works closely with communities and the health professions to continually improve nursing and midwifery practice.

International accreditation

Flinders degrees are nationally and internationally professionally accredited, so you’ll graduate ready to start the career of your choice.

Experts in the field
Flinders is a leading provider of nursing education and research and has been for over 40 years.


The first affiliated hospital in Australia is located on campus

The internship is convenient, and nurses with rich clinical experience come to teach.
Flinders Medical Center (FMC) is the first hospital built in the form of a university hospital in Australia, located on the main campus of Flinders University. Only a 3-minute walk from the School of Nursing.

Flinders Affiliated Medical is the second largest public hospital in South Australia, as well as a South Australian liver and corneal transplant center.

Every semester, nearly 70% of Flinders University nursing students participate in internships at Flinders Affiliated Hospital.

At the same time, some of the nurses with rich clinical experience in affiliated hospitals are also teachers in the School of Nursing of Flinders University. They will combine many years of clinical experience in their lectures, rather than teaching them based on the script.

The first university in Australia to open higher nursing education

The first university in South Australia to establish a school of nursing on a university campus.
Flinders University officially launched the higher education level of nursing teaching in 1975. It is the first university in Australia to offer higher education in nursing.

The most advanced laboratory

The first nursing college in Australia to introduce simulated robots.

A laboratory that completely simulates the hospital environment.
Regularly invite medical staff from major hospitals to visit the inspection laboratory to check whether the items are arranged in accordance with the hospital environment. So that students can fully adapt to the hospital environment when they work in the hospital.

Hands-on experience

Gain practical experience in hospitals and clinics across the state and graduate job-ready.

State-of-the-art facilities
Study at a state-of-the-art university, with clinical skills labs incorporating VR, and simulation suite on campus.

Wide range of specialisations

Choose the electives that interest you, gain experience and skills in a wide range of specialisations including global health care, paediatrics, cardiac and high dependency.

 to view its full World University Rankings 2016-2017 results

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