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This is a temporary visa for a person who needs to come to Australia to provide care and support for:

· a student visa holder who is younger than 18 years of age

· a student visa holder who is older than 18 years of age and who needs such care and support due to exceptional circumstances

This visa can be applied in or outside Australia:

· at the same time as the student

· after the student has applied

· after the student has been granted their visa, in which case the student would have demonstrated that other welfare arrangements were in place to meet their visa requirements


General requirements

· be a parent or person who has custody of the student, or a relative who is 21 years or older and has been nominated in writing by a parent or someone who has custody of the student

· not bring family members younger than 6 years of age, except under certain circumstances

· be able to provide accommodation, general welfare and other support to the student unless exempted


Other requirements

· meet health and character requirements

· have enough money to support oneself, accompanying dependant(s) and the student.

· have adequate health insurance for oneself and accompanying dependant(s)

· only stay in Australia temporarily

· if applying in Australia, must hold an eligible substantive temporary visa


Financial requirement

The applicant needs to have enough money genuinely available to support oneself, the student and accompanying children for the duration of stay in Australia. The applicant is required to declare this in the visa application.

If the applicant is required to provide evidence of financial capacity, s/he can demonstrate this by providing one of the following:

· evidence of funds to cover travel to Australia and 12 months’ living, course and (for school aged dependants) schooling costs for the student and accompanying family members

· evidence of meeting the annual income requirement 

The applicant must have genuine access to funds. The funds shown in the visa application must be available for use and must come from an acceptable source.


Health insurance

The applicant must provide evidence that s/he has enough health insurance for the duration of stay in Australia. This can be Overseas Visitors Health Cover (OVHC) or another health insurance product from Australia or the applicant’s home country that provides a similar level of cover.


Identity & relationship documents

The applicant must provide identity documents and proof of relationship with the student.

Genuine temporary entrant requirement

When the department assess whether the applicant plans to stay in Australia temporarily the department will consider:

· the applicant’s personal circumstances in home country

· the applicant’s potential circumstances in Australia

· the applicant’s immigration history

· anything else that relates to the applicant’s plan to remain in Australia temporarily.

Visa entitlements

This visa allows the visa holder to:

· stay in Australia for as long as the student stays or up until the student turns 18 years of age

· study an English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students (ELICOS) for less than 20 hours per week

· study another course for up to three months

The visa does not generally allow the visa holder to work.

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