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Saint Stephen's College

Established in 1995, Saint Stephen's College is situated on the renowned Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. This co-educational institution offers education from pre-school through grade 12. With its delightful climate and stunning natural surroundings, the Gold Coast offers exceptional conditions, positioning the college as one of Australia's safest, most welcoming, and innovative schools.

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Students from Saint Stephen's College have excelled in academics, sports, culture, and various other areas. However, what truly distinguishes the school is its unique spirit. This resilient spirit enables the school to create innovative learning environments that blend modern technology and art. The goal is to nurture well-rounded students who can reach their full potential and fulfill global and local civic responsibilities, thus producing qualified individuals in various aspects of life.

The school values the development of a global perspective among its students. It welcomes students from various countries, cultures, religions, and ethnicities to join its diverse student community. All students are urged to engage actively as "citizens of the world" and cultivate a global consciousness. The learning atmosphere prioritizes collaborative learning, shared responsibility, critical thinking, and effective communication.

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The school is based on camaraderie and respect and focuses on providing opportunities for students to reach their full potential. Thoughtfully integrating classroom education with diverse extracurricular activities, the school aims to equip students with the skills needed to thrive in the modern world and shine in their daily lives and studies. Graduates from Saint Stephen's College boast outstanding academic achievements, with 98% of high school graduates receiving direct university admission offers in recent years.

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Saint Stephen's College will arrange high-quality homestays and school bus services for long term international students, residing near the school, on the bus route. Each homestay student is allocated a private room and study space, receiving three daily meals from the host family. Homestay families are carefully selected and closely supervised to provide international students with a happy and supportive living environment.
Saint Stephen’s College CRICOS Provider Number 01938G

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