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Saint Stephen's College

Saint Stephen's College, Australia, was founded in 1995 and is located in the famous Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. It is a co-educational comprehensive college that provides education from pre-school to grade 12. The Gold Coast, with its pleasant climate and beautiful natural scenery, provides unique conditions for St. Stephen's College, making it one of the safest, friendliest and most innovative schools in Australia.

St. Stephen's College students have achieved remarkable achievements in academic, sports, cultural and other fields, but what really sets the school apart from other schools is the "spirit" of the school. The school's tolerant spirit and strong strength allow it to continuously develop more learning spaces for students that combine modern technology and art, striving to cultivate students of perfect character, able to develop their full potential, and to uphold global and local civic obligations in the course of life qualified talents.


The school values the development of a global perspective in its students. Students from different countries, cultures, religions and ethnicities are invited to join its diverse student body. All students are encouraged to participate actively as "citizens of the world" and develop a global awareness. Its learning environment relies heavily on collaborative learning and action, shared responsibility, critical thinking and communication.


The school is based on camaraderie and respect and focuses on providing opportunities for students to reach their full potential. Classroom learning and various extracurricular activities are effectively combined, and the school expects students to learn how to survive in today's world and radiate their own brilliance from their daily life and learning. St. Stephen's College graduates have excellent grades, and 98% of high school graduates can get admission letters to direct universities.

The school has an international intensive English class and a full-time intensive English for learning (ELICOS) course. It is designed to prepare students aged 11-18 for the main course of study and there is no level of English required to start enrolment. Students can also choose to combine their English studies with activities such as swimming, tennis, golf, music, dancing and more.

St. Stephen's College will arrange high-quality homestays and school bus services for international students near the school. All boarding students have their own room and private study area and are provided with three meals a day by the host family. Homestay families are carefully selected and closely supervised to provide international students with the best possible living environment.

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