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Case 3

• Case Background

1. The spouse and children of the applicant have a record of a previous visa refusal.

2. The source of income for the applicant and his family were uncommon and there were many issues involved.

3. The children of the applicant were under 18, if the wife’s applicant wanted to undertake full-time study in Australia, the children’s childcare and schooling issues need to be resolved.

• Our solutions

1. Our experienced Education Consultant and registered migration agent firstly communicated with the applicant and his family to understand and analyze the situation.

2. We arranged a meeting to investigate the reasons behind their visa refusal in the last application.

3. We explained the situation of visa refusal in the previous application to the Department of Immigration to prevent it from affecting the decision of case officer in the second application.

4. Next, we resolved the issues of financial requirement and evidence of income from various aspects were provided to ensure the applicant and his family has sufficient funds during their stay in Australia.

5. As there were four applicants altogether we have provided detailed evidence to prove that the applicants have a clear study purpose and has sufficient funds to do so.

6. We confirmed the details of their source of income to make sure the applicant can pass the phone interview from the Department of Immigration successfully.

7. Through proactive communication and providing relevant documents to the the Department of Immigration, the student visa application of the applicant and the 3 other secondary applicants was approved successfully.

• Conclusion and Experience Sharing

Clear study purpose

The most common reason for student visa refusal is due to a questionable study purpose. If the applicant cannot convince the Department of Immigration on this issue, it is certain that the student visa will not be granted. If the main applicant or secondary applicant has a record of visa refusal, explanations must be provided carefully.

The source of living expenses and school fees

Many student visa applications were refused due to reasons related to source of funds. The Department of Immigration placed great importance on the legality of income source. Even though the person who provides financial support can do so adequately, if the legality of income source cannot be proven, the student visa application is more than likely to be refused.


Pay attention to Phone Interviews:
Currently, all offshore electronic student visa applications need to go through a phone interview. If the applicant takes the phone interview too lightly and assumes that it is less important in the application process, the possibility of facing refusal is considerably high.

Disclaimer: The above case study is an extract from a genuine case for reference purpose. The background information has been edited to protect the privacy of the client. Our company is not liable for any consequences caused by the use of the above content.

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