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Case 1

• Case Background

Mr. Chen is a successful businessman from China. After the pre-assessment, he was eligible to apply for the state-sponsor 163 visa. During our communications, we learned that Mr. Chen applied for migration to Australia mainly because of his two underage children. He hoped that they would have a better future in Australia. Mr. Chen would be reluctant to give up his business in China if his visa application is approved. Therefore, he was worried that he may not be able to meet the requirement of the visa, which is to live in Australia. Furthermore, the long application processing time will delay the studies of the children.


• Our solution

We communicated with Mr. Chen in time and invited him and his family to Australia for a business visit. During the trip, Mr. Chen and his family had the opportunity to experience Australia’s culture and customs, and we also arranged them to visit the Australian schools.


After visiting some local businesses, Mr. Chen was very satisfied with the condition of investment and business operation in Australia. Therefore, we suggested him to consider investing a business in Australia and then apply for a 457 temporary work permit through that Australian business. This visa has a relatively short application processing period of approximately 3 months. In addition, the business in Australia also has connection with his business in China. This way, Mr. Chen is able to conduct business between Australia and China. Most importantly, his two children can enjoy the same schooling benefits offered to local Australian students. For senior high school, each student can save AUD$ 15,000 annually in their school fees compared to an International student. Mr. Chen can choose to apply for an employer-sponsor permanent residency or business migration if relevant requirements are met after his arrival in Australia.


• Conclusion and Analysis

Through the solution, Mr. Chen and his family currently have obtained their permanent residency. The children’s 3 years studies in Australia have saved about AUD $10,000. Mr. Chen has profited continuously from the business invested in Australia. Therefore, Mr..Chen and his family have saved time and a large amount of money in the application process. They currently work and live happily in Australia. The children will enjoy the same benefits as the local students when they study in the Universities and will be able to save at least another AUD$ 10,000 in school fees.


Disclaimer: The above case study is an extract from a genuine case for reference purpose. The background information has been edited to protect the privacy of the client. Our company is not liable for any consequences caused by the use of the above content.

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