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Case 2

• Case background

1. The applicant came to Australia with a fake passport and applied for a refugee visa but was refused.

2. The applicant appealed to the High Court but was unsuccessful. Therefore, she became an illegal immigrant.

3. The applicant met her current husband and applied for an onshore spouse visa after they were married.

4. The applicant had miscarriage after the marriage and was worried that she will be sent back to her country during the application processing period.

• Our solutions

1. Our registered migration agent met and discussed with the client through a face-to-face meeting to find out the actual situation and to obtain relevant document from the client.

2. Our registered migration agent contacted the Department of Immigration on several occasions and confirmed with the client that she does not need to go offshore during the processing period of her spouse visa application.

3. After waiting for 10 months, the applicant’s spouse visa was approved successfully.

• Conclusion and Analysis

Registered migration agents are familiar with the migration policies and regulations. Therefore you should trust your agent when you have selected him or her to handle your application. Try your best to work closely with your agent when providing required documents to fasten the process and to submit your application as soon as possible.

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