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Case 3

• Case background

1. The applicant planned to apply for skilled migration but realized that she did not meet the 60 points test.

2. The applicant only has work experiences in tutoring and this was not considered to be a permanent job.

3. The applicant needed to look for other related work experience and submit the skilled migration application when the requirement of 1 year of work experience has been fulfilled.

• Our solutions:

1. Our registered migration agent discussed with the applicant in a face-to-face meeting to understand her actual working conditions.

2. After careful considerations, our agent advised the applicant that earning the additional migration points though work experience was not a safe move.

3. The applicant’s nominated occupation was not listed on the Western Australian Skilled Migration Occupation List, therefore we advised the applicant to consider for off-list nominations.

4. Our agent communicated with the applicant and and obtained required documents from her.

5. Our agent actively liaised and worked closely with the case officer in providing relevant documents after lodging the off-list nomination application.

6. The off-list nomination application for Western Australian state-sponsorship was successfully approved within 3 months.

7. The applicant applied for State-sponsor skilled migration program directly and received permanent residency successfully.

• Conclusion and Analysis

Better to apply for skilled migration early than late. Skilled Migration accounted the highest percentage in Australian Migration Program. However, the policies have been constantly changing and there have been new changes every year or every 6 months. Therefore, try to apply it when you can meet the requirements; otherwise you may miss the opportunities and may not be eligible to apply for it later on.

The applicant in this case was a graduate of a University from other Australian State. If she was reluctant to accept our advice and did not submit the application before the changes took effect, her migration pathway will have become much narrower.

Trust your migration agent

Registered migration agents are familiar with the migration policies and regulations; therefore, you should trust your agent when you have selected him or her to handle your application. Try your best to work closely with your agent when providing required documents to speed up the process and to submit your application as soon as possible.

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